Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

1.  Is this really free ?

Absolutely! You will never by charged by any of the Paid to be Online companies, other than your normal costs that are incurred whilst you are online. (i.e. Phone Bill).

2.  Is there any restriction on participation on this offer ?

Generally anyone from anywhere can sign up. Most of these paid to be online sites are having age restriction and some are country specific, except that most of the sites you can join and they pay internationally.

3.  Can more than one person per family use the same Paid to be Online company ?

Yes most of the companies do allow, but everyone should have their own email address and different computer.

4.  Do I need to buy anything ?

No. You never have to buy anything on them

5.  What is an Ad Bar software ?

An 'AD-Bar' is a small program that runs on your PC displaying advertisement.

Allow reputable companies to send you and our friends advertisements whilst you are online via an 'AD-Bar'.

You can switch if off or minimize it at any time. However whilst off or minimized you won't earn money from it.

You can have as many 'AD Bars' from different companies running as you want. However the more AD Bars you have running the less screen space you have for your browser.

All of the ad bars can be "docked" at the top or bottom of your screen. Most of the ad bars can be dragged about the screen to any position. The ad bar is designed to always remain visible and will appear to be hovering over your application.

Some companies require you to click between .5% an 5% of the ads displayed. As a result, some people will click on ads just to keep getting paid.

Most of the ad bars will have an indicator which will turn red when you aren't earning points, and green when you are.

6.  Can I have multiple accounts with the same company ?

No. This is strictly enforced. You can have accounts with multiple companies, but not multiple accounts with the same company.

7.  How do I know the companies will really pay me?

I have excluded the companies who had trouble in the past with late or no payments. On the regular basis the performance about companies from the users and reliable sources are checked. But Join several companies This way you won't put all of your eggs in one basket.

8.  How these companies are paying?

They have different options of paying members who reached minimum payout limit. They pay you through Cheque, Online Account, Directly to your account. But as a surfer you will notice many of them are using Paypal (or e-gold) and i recommend you to open an account with them as all your money will be accumulated at first place and you don't have to pay anything to them. It is available in more than 42 countries and they are adding new countries every week. US members can get $5 signup bonus. You can register and verify your account with Bank Account or Credit Card number with full security as every account is having insurance of $1,00,000.

Keep the unique password for this site as this will be very important online account for you as all your hard money will be there. They will not deduct any amount from your account which they mostly do in case of sending a cheque.

9.  Why You have ranked the sites and what is the basis of different ranking?

In this world off world wide web, it is very difficult for our members / users / visitors to  know about different companies as they have different standards. We give them ranking on the basis of response from our members, their payment system, change in the terms, minimum payment rate, reliability, personal support on your queries etc. But you have to remember that these things vary from company to company and ranking can be changed on the basis of that.

10.  Can I cancel or unsubscribe from any service ?

Yes all the companies have the option of canceling the accounts.

11.  Is there an age requirement ?

For most companies there is NO age requirement. However, If you are under 18, you may need to get your parents consent to use the service.

12.  How often do I get paid ?

Normally once a month providing you have earned a certain minimum amount, otherwise your earning are carried forward to the next month.

13.  What currency will I be paid in ?

This depends on the companies that you join, some pay in pound sterling, some in US dollars and some pay in your local currency.


1.  What is the policy on SPAM ?

DON'T SPAM!!. Not any of these companies will put up with it. These companies will also cancel your account with them on SPAM and you may have to pay a fine.  So please, don't put yourself or us at risk. If any of our member has done that then 

2.  What is the policy on cheating ?

Cheating is a big problem. There are sites that offer programs that trick the ad bars into thinking you are active . These companies have gone through great expense to defeat cheaters, which is why some of the ad bars require you to answer questions instead of just moving your mouse. The bottom line is there is no need to cheat.

3.  What is the your policy on privacy ?

Neither me, nor any of the companies, will ever release or sell your e-mail address or any other information to anyone. You can check our Privacy which we follow quite strictly.
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