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Note: Paid email programs are quite popular. Sign up with these programs and earn money reading paid email delivered to your inbox. They also allow you to earn money clicking on ads on their sites and through contests and other fun stuff. Each email will pay you anywhere from 0.1 cents to 10 cents. You have to click on the paying links and allow a site to load. You should not close the window till the timer expires (timers vary from 5 to 30 seconds). You will be paid via paypal or e-gold once you reach payout level. Payout level varies from 0.5 to 10 dollars. Below is a list of proven paid email sites which are open to international members including Indians. Click on the link and Join to earn free money! Don't forget to activate your account by checking mail and completing the signup.
1.) My Favorites (Available Worldwide)
I suggest you to sign up with as many program as you can.
Click the banners to join now.

Donkeymails: No minimum payout, payments made weekly, emails of 0.25C and points, paid to click available, paid to sign up ranging from 25C to 5 C, toolbar for lots of paid signup options

Boldbytes: They send lot of $.25 mails, payout is at 30$, but easy to reach with their paid to offers. Referral system also available.

Tigersads: Free upgrade till 600 members, $5 payout, PTP at 90 CPM, emails from.5c to 2c, 6 upgrades available, have a forum and database backed up daily.

Polarptr: 50 cent payout. Very fast payout , normally within 2-3 hrs. Mails worth .25c+, 5 referral levels

Cashdelight: Another nice one., They have just started their Anniversary (Have lowered payout to $8) Have special gifts if You Join Now. 15%,8%,4%,3%,1%. Payout easy achieved with a constant mail supply, paid to search clicks and banner clicks for points which you can convert to . Monthly click contest with cash prizes for the top 20. Random payouts. Now with forum and fantastic free games!
You get paid to read emails, view banners, click banners & for referrals. They will not send you emails to your email address, you will need to view them on the website. This is a very convenient feature. The minimum payment amount is $10. Payments are sent by Paypal, E-Gold & Money Order. Best Program 2005.

No-minimum: Paid to Click & Paid to Read e-mails, Get Paid To Signup! Use their Manual Surf for more traffic! No Minimum Payout on e-gold! Low Payout for Paypal, Moneybookers (1.00 $) Play in bubble game! 6 Referral levels: 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 1%

Nickelbyemail: Absolutely FREE Membership, Get Paid to Read, Click, and More $5.00 Minimum Payout for All Members, 5 Cent Earning Opportunities in EACH Email, No Emails on Sundays, No Point Emails, International Members are Welcome

Hoptocash: Another Good Paying site.

E-mailpaysu You get $10 as a signup bonus! The site pays you to read emails (sends you a lot-15mails/day) & for referrals. What is more it also has daily & weekly lucky draws, so you can have a chance in winning them too. The minimum payment for first request is $39.99 & subsequent payments are $15.95. The payment options are check, Paypal, Stormpay or E-Gold.

Classical Mails
Payout at $0.50. Mails are worth 0.5 and 1 cent. You can make about $0.20 a day or more, so you can reach $0.50 in 3 days or so. There is a separate points system that pays you points for certain ads that you can trade in for cash or advertising. You need 100 points at least to trade for cash. Very fast earner!

Payout is at $4.00, which is very easy to reach. All emails are worth $0.008. You get about 30-60 emails a day. I highly recommend this site!

Payout at $2.00. Mails are worth 0.5, 1, 3, and 5 cents (make about $0.40 or more a day, so you can reach $2 in 5 days or so. Not bad at all!.

2) Search Countries ONLY
These PTR sites accept members from a list of countries called search countries list. In most of them, other country's people can go as promoter and and get benefit of promoting the sites and building up down line. Here is the list of search countries: These sites pay a lot to members from these these countries.
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States. $1.00 Dollar Payout, At least 50 ads daily for active members. Payment via paypal and egold(10% fee). Fast payment ! You can get all commission from down line clicks. 4 referral levels of commission under you. 10%--3%--2%--1% $1.00 Dollar Payout At least 50 ads daily for active members. Payment via paypal and egold(10% fee). Fast payment ! You can get all commission from down line clicks. Promoter and advertiser are also welcome, promoter can also make lots of money here. (promoter can contact them via email: ) 4 referral levels of commission under you. 10%--3%--2%--1% $2.00 Dollar Payout $1.00 Dollar Payout for upgraded members Fast payment! Payment within 72 hours. You can get all commission from down line clicks. FREE Membership Get Paid for Read Email $3.00 Dollar Payout $1 payout for Upgraded Members. Fast payment ! Payments Will Be Made Within 7 days ,You can get all commission from down line clicks FREE Membership Get Paid for Read Email $3.00 Dollar Payout for Upgraded Members. Fast payment! Payments Will Be Made Within 7 days FREE Membership Get Paid for Read Email $3.00 Dollar Payout $2.00 Dollar Payout for Upgraded Members. Fast payment! Payments Will Be Made Within 7 days

3) Some others you may join
I am not telling that these sites are bad, but I don't know much about them. When I know I will place the above !!!

Inboxdollars Good for US members. They offer cash for surveys, reading emails, shopping, referring others, playing games, completing offers & joining survey sites. For non-US residents they offer all of the above except surveys. Signup bonus of $5. You also receive $5 for each referral. The minimum payment amount is $30. Payments are sent through checks.

Sendmoreinfo One of the oldest & most reliable site on the internet. The minimum payment is $10. Typically for each email you read you will get $.01-$0.15.

Cashforaction You can earn by reading emails, referring friends, signing up for offers etc. They pay through Paypal, E-Gold & checks. They have one of the lowest minimum payment requirement: $0.10(for Paypal), $0.50(E-Gold) & $10.00(Check). It's system is pretty fair.

MatrixMails An extremely positive site. Not only do they pay you to read e-mails, but they guarantee a minimum of 1 cent per e-mail. You also have the option to upgrade for a small fee (with money-back guarantee) to remove the $25 minimum payout level, to receive at least a double payout on all your e-mails, to get paid a sign-up bonus for all your referrals and get a share of unallocated sign-ups, and get free e-mail advertising and web hosting.
There is also an optional forced matrix plan to earn extra, with a money back guarantee. Choice of Paypal, Money bookers or e-Gold for payment.

HtMail pay for just clicking and reading and you have the choice of being paid in dollars or pounds sterling. You can just click to acknowledge receipt of your e-mail but you earn more by actually visiting the site, and answering a few standard questions on your opinion of the site. You also only need to earn £5 or $10 for a payout .
Send More Info are paying 5 cents per read email and 2 cents for referrals. Usually get one or 2 a day. Pays out at $10.

Worldwide-cash: Upgraded memberships available here , No Minimum payout on e-gold (0.01$), Automatic Payouts! , Get Paid To Read , Get Paid To Click , Get Paid To Signup, Get Paid To Promote $0.80 per 1,000 Credits! , 5 Referral Levels [ 5% / 4% / 3% / 2% / 1% ] , very quick payouts

Nominpayout: Get Paid for Receiving, Reading and Visiting the Sites of the Greatest Interest to You! Get paid to Read, Click, Sign-up, Refer! No Minimum Payout (Monthly Payout) to your E-gold and MoneyBookers account $0.50 minimum payout for PayPal Points are converted to cash monthly!
No-Min Upgraded memberships are available! No Minimum Payout! Get Paid for Reading your email, clicking on ads, etc. Get Paid for Signups International Members are Welcome! Receive emails on the best products & opportunities Paid to Promote $1 CPM! One of the high rates Earn extra money playing games 5 Ref levels of commission 5%,4%,3%,2%,1%

X-mails Only 10 Cents Payout! Emails worth up to 1 Cents , Paid To Clicks up to 0,5 Cents, Special Signup Page - Receive up to 50 % from earned by you, Upgraded Membership Available, Request Payouts to : PayPal, E-Gold, Moneybookers, WebMoney, 6 Ref Levels Of Commission
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