Get Paid to Surf
In these You must download the Programs Ad-Bar (very small & doesn't need a lot of your screen). You will get paid for the no: of hours you are online

1) Alladvantage (Recommended)
They pays you 50 cents an hour for having a little ad bar at the bottom of the screen, it is the most popular, and you start right when you join. PAYS Join

2) SPEDIA ($.5/hour or Rs 25/hr)

This is an international company. This comapny has Paid to many members & has been out ther for a long time (from 1999).
Members are paid monthly by check when their accounts exceed US$30.00 (unpaid amounts are automatically carried forward to the next month). Ad Point dollar value may vary from one billing period to another and is calculated at the end of the month.

You can make money with Spedia in 6 different ways:

SpediaBar - Surf the Net and have the SpediaBar active on your desktop. Go to your favorite web sites or visit our advertisers' sites if you're interested in their offers. To see a demo of the Spedia Bar, (Earn $0.5 per hour or Rs 25).

Instant Cash - You can make over $150 in just one hour by signing up for promotions. There are over 90 promotions to choose from.

Receive E-mails - You can make 5-10 points for each e-mail you receive from our advertisers. You can unsubscribe at any time. Your privacy is fully protected.

Shop Online - Visit our shopping partners for special offerings and promotions. You will be entered in a drawing to win our weekly sweepstakes.

Spedia Games - You can play games and make money while you play.

Refer Your Friends - The referral compensation structure for surfing is 10%, 5%, 5%, 5%, 5% for a total of 5 levels!

Spedia sells advertising space to marketers and sponsors and distributes most of the revenues to its members. JOIN NOW

2) (Rs 8/- per hour)- will pay its members 6 points (that equates to approx 8 Rupees) per hour to simply surf the web. They actually pay you to surf the web. In return, all you do is run the Ad-Bar on your computer, and occasionally glance at the ads that are displayed. The EarnRupees Ad-Bar is not much bigger than a typical banner advertisement, and you can move it around anywhere on your computer screen. It doesn't  interrupt how you surf, or where you surf, it just provide you with advertising that is relevant to you. And, in the meantime, you get to make money...not a bad deal.  To put it simply, is the first Indian company in the Permission-Based, Viral-Marketing space.

3) Gomez Peer Community

Gomez Peer (formerly Porivo) launched in early 2001. They are a peer computing network which measures the performance of customer websites. They pay members of their network (that's you if you join) to be online while running the Peer software. During idle time the software uses your internet connection to test websites (yes, this means you can get paid while you sleep). If you are chosen to be an active member (more about this below) then you will be paid $.10/day plus $.03/hour for each hour of processing time. Members are only paid for days that they run the software for 4 hours or more. This should be easy to do considering that you can run the software at night. Porvio also pays members $1 for each active referral to their program. The program is available internationally in all countries where PayPal is currently active. See review for current available countries. Payments are made monthly to all members with $5, or more, in their account. Porivo is very reliable and all personal data is completely private. Recommended. (Note: If you decide to sign up, please enter: drumsound if they ask for the ID of your referrer.)
                                   Join Porivo
Being Active: Porivo gives members active status based on demographics and usage. They review all member accounts within 10 days of signing up so, in order to increase your chances of being selected, you'll want to download and run the software as much as possible during your first 10 days. Members who are not initially picked as active can become active by continuing to run the software. They are looking for both dial up and high speed connection users

4) Valuepay
They pay you to have a little banner on your IE browser, in an area that you do not use. They also pay you around a dollar per hour.
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