How to get Started?

Now I am going to explain to you the various ways to get paid on the internet. Follow these Steps & you will be successful. If you have any doubt Email-me at

Step 1:
In this step, you Join some Internet banks, which merely collects the money you get from other PAID TO sites. This is essential because if you are an international member (i.e. other than the sites in which the PAID site's owner is located), you get money mostly in Dollars, Pounds, etc. You must join ANY TWO of these sites.

1) Join e-gold - This site converts any currency to the equivalent gold so that it can be transferred to any country easily without any money transactions. Click Here (Highly Recommended)

2) Join Paypal - This site collects the money in cash unlike the above one. It is a famous site, been there for a long time. (Highly Recommended)

It is available in more than 42 countries and they are adding new countries every week. US members can get $5 signup bonus. You can register and verify your account with Bank Account or Credit Card number with full security as every account is having insurance of $1,00,000.

3) Join StormPay

4) Join Moneybookers

Step 2:

Now you must join some of the Paid to Read Sites which I have listed in the Earn Money From Internet (Paid emails) page. It is better to create a new email address as your mail will be flooded with mails from these programs. After signing up you will be sent an activation code to the mail address you gave them. You must remember that the more programs you join the more money you get in a particular period of time.

You can find other ways to earn money other than just reading mails. They include Paid to Surf, Paid to Play Games, Paid to take Quiz, Paid to Take Surveys.
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